Tillervision specializes in artist development and theater production. 


Tillervision was founded in 2012 by Altrazo "Traz" Tiller. Traz Tiller and Tomeka Bennett began dating in 2008 and quickly realized that they had similar talents and dreams. While Tomeka was singing and pushing her stage play "When the Sin Hits the Fan", Traz was touring with various bands; playing drums and bass guitar. In 2009, the pair decided to start their own band. They went by various names for the band but settled on Soulantis; performing at different venues and events such as Wednesday WindDown and The Sweet Auburn Festival in Atlanta, GA. They then branched out to record Tomeka's gospel solo album entitled "I Am Tomeka Tiller". With so many different talents and ideas, they decided to create an umbrella production company and began creating platforms for themselves. Tillervision Productions was birthed. Tillervision Productions allows freedom to express their multiple talents without feeling like they have to only operate in one lane. Under Tillervision Productions, they have done 3 stage plays (When the Sin Hits the Fan, The Ballad of Sweet Auburn & HO), authored and published a novel (Sometimes Maybe, Never Always by Altrazo Tiller), dinner parties, jam sessions, prom events and artists' showcase concerts. Currently, Tillervision Productions is in the process of preparing for their newest stage play “Mi Mayor Venganza”. Whether its stage plays, music, novels, or movies, the future looks bright for Tillervision Productions. So put on your sunglasses, and strap yourselves in. It's about to be a wild ride!