Altrazo H. Tiller

Born into a musically – diverse and theatrical family on May 15th  1972 ,  Altrazo “Traz” Tiller quickly realized his passion for creative expression. After years of admiring and mimicking his favorite musical artists and musicians, he’d found his niche making mix tapes for friends and family members while in high school. He then enrolled in a creative writing class, and almost immediately his teachers took notice of his “uniquely visual” style of writing. Encouraged to continue to pursue his hidden gift, Traz soon found a way of storytelling through the musical mix tapes that he would put together.  As evolution would have it, it wasn’t long after that his fascination with beats led him to teach himself how to play the drums. After playing with various artists, he jokingly threatened the bassist in an R&B garage band that he had been jamming with; telling him “I’m gonna take your spot.” Traz then went to the local music store, purchased a bass guitar, a practice amplifier, and a ‘How –To’ video, he taught himself to play bass. It wasn’t long after that he became the bass player for that same band. After the group disbanded, he then went on to tour with local and national artists as a musician for hire. Having added “percussionist” to his resume, Traz then began to write and compose Spoken Word Poetry pieces which he was very reluctant to share or perform publicly. Fate would eventually lead him to a fellow artist with which he befriended and realized they had much in common. She invited him to attend a stage play that she’d written, produced and directed called “When the Sin Hits the Fan”. He was mesmerized and awestruck at how vivid and professionally the production was done. The two began dating and collaborating together on various musical ventures. One day while flipping through his notebook, his now girlfriend (Tomeka Tiller) came across one of his poems and encouraged him to expand it. She then helped him turn that poem into a self – published novel. Traz became fascinated with the art of storytelling via stage. The duo then went on to create more music and stage plays. They married in November of 2010 and soon thereafter formed Tillervision Productions, an entertainment company that focuses on the art of uniqueness through visualization. Tillervision Productions  since it’s conception has written and produced 2 music cds, published Traz’s novel (Sometimes Maybe, Never Always), and has written and produced 5 stage plays. They are now in a position where they can run stage plays through the Winter of 2019. Traz continues to write, inspire and be inspired simply by observing what he calls “everyday life”. He then takes it and adds his unique twist to each thing he touches; making it uniquely a Tillervision Productions staple. Always looking to separate himself from the pack, he continues to artistically push the envelope by combining real world situations from an artistic point of view. He lives by the creed “Why Be Normal?”, and his works are a true reflection of it.